Friday, April 12, 2013

Which Sweetheart Wedding Dress is Your Favorite?

Extremely feminine features,brides can effortlessly stay elegant and eye-catching in Sweetheart wedding dresses and this is also why such styles are chased after by countless brides and fashion designers..And it is a perfect option for those who are eager to show off their tanned skin and attractive collarbones,shoulders and arms.However regardless of its popularity,is sweetheart wedding dress really suitable for every bride?And you?

Regretful to say that it is actually not,here I would like to share some ideas on which kind of "sweetheart" is most appropriate in different conditions:

Style 1:Dipped Sweetheart Neckline——Perfect for brides with a small chest

Item no JSWD0005 from

Style 2:Low Cut Sweetheart Neckline——for busty women,small chest should definitely avoid this.

Pinned Image

Style 3:Halter Sweetheart Neckline——Busty women can fit it perfect

halter sweetheart neckline

Style 4:Sweetheart plus Straps——for brides with wide shoulders

Item no JSWD0006 from

Style 5:Queen Anna——for brides with wide shoulders

graceful Queen Anna neckline

Style 6:Illusion Top with Sweetheart Neckline——All body types

illusion top with sweetheart neckline

Style 7:Sweetheart with Pointed Radian——Perfect for busty women

Pointed sweetheart

So now tell me which one is your favorite and which is the most suitable one for you?