Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding Dresses 2014 First Look

Couples who are going to tie their knot in 2014 should start to search for the wedding dresses from now.After watch some recent bridal runways,you will find that there are some interesting elements that frequently come up in past few seasons' bridal show.As a professional and chaser in this field,I can't help to sharing some of my own predictions for 2014 new styles.

1.Charming Back
Different from a plain back with whatever zipper or corset closure,designers together play an unspoken game of beautifying the back of the gown.Illusion transparent fabric with delicate lace appliques are used to cover the back.It is very considerable design for brides who are not that satisfied with their front curve especially bust and shoulders.In this way,people's eyes will naturally be transferred to your charming back.And with the semitransparent design,you could also be sexy but in an understated key as you wish.Also detailed embellishments,the covered buttons,which are used to be just a tiny supporting player near the zipper while this time they play a big role at middle back to add more artistic touches.

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2.Floral Print 
You may think this can only be seen on the runway.However I always encourage brides to be unique on their big day.Choosing a nontraditional wedding gown with special features can easily make you stand out is a symbol for confidence and courage.If you love how it appear on the runway and feel it truly breathtaking,then why refuse to wearing it?Remember wedding is your runway!

3.Always Lace
For centuries,lace has been picked to make the wedding dresses.It could be romantic,modest,vintage and traditional.Now it is about to get a new pin in next season.

Feminine and chic,every girl should have one or two pleated skirts in her wardrobe.When come to wedding dress,designers are also interested in whirling and twirling the fabric into ruffles,flowers and tiers.Wedding Dresses with pleated detail can create a three-dimensional effect to enhance the whole ensemble.