Sunday, June 2, 2013

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses 2013-2014

Although strapless or sleeveless neckline is very common among wedding dresses,here is another voice I frequently heard like"I'm tired of seeing cleavage""I have arms that I want to hide,but strapless dress just exposure them",etc.

Actually not all women can suit a strapless gown or have cleavage to show off unless you have a very slim figure with 'good arms' like Jennifer Anniston.Big chested girls look awful in them but are the only ones who can hold them up and small chested girls look good but will have the dress fall off halfway through the ceremony.Princess Margaret and Princess Grace both worn wedding dresses with sleeves!You may say that is old times,but you can't deny the fact that they both look superb elegant and modest.If you got that thought that long sleeve wedding gowns imply a conservative and old-fashioned attitude,now think again.

On the other hand,not because of any religious belief( like Philippines,sleeveless gowns are not allowed to be worn for a church wedding.) or parental nagging,but because a wedding is a certain type of event. It's not a nightclub, it's not a birthday. It's not the moment to show off how sexy you are. It's a moment to show what a classy woman I have become. One day my children and grandchildren will look at those pictures and I want them to be proud.