Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bridesmaid Dresses in Different Colors

Dress your bridesmaids like a rainbow by choosing colorful bridesmaid dresses.Which of the following idea is your favorite?

Bridesmaid Dresses in different Colors but Same Styles and Length——

Bridesmaid Dresses in different colors and styles but same length——

All different——

Monday, March 4, 2013

Learn Wedding Dresses 2013 Trends from Vera Wang's New Collection

Vera Wang is one of my favorite fashion designer especially in wedding dresses.Different from other wedding dress designers that use classic white or ivory color,Vera Wang chooses black,champagne,even green and red colors for her stunning wedding dresses.That is really bold and funny!Also I am so in love with the tridimensional shape that she frequently used in her dresses.Other romantic elements like ruffles,layers,etc also enhance the level.

Here I picked 3 Vera Wang's new style wedding dresses for spring 2013 ,let's check what new trends this talented designer is leading!

Katarina:Red Ruffled Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Red Ruffled Ball Gown Wedding Dresses 2013 from Vera Wang

Such a Masterpiece!This red ball gown wedding dress features a strapless neckline,a breast shaped bodice and a splendid ruffled ball gown skirt.This style is perfect for brides with small bust and heavy bottoms.

Kirsten:Red Mermaid One Shoulder Wedding Dress
Red Mermaid One Shoulder Wedding Dress 2013 from Vera Wang

Breathtaking!This mermaid gown is like a sculpture that can make you feel calm.Exquisite features include the floral one shoulder neckline,the criss-cross ruched bodice and the ruffled mermaid skirt.This is definitely  a work of art but also asks for an outstanding body shape. 

Katherine:Red Tiered Ball Gown Wedding Dress
Red Tiered Ball Gown Wedding Dress 2013 from Vera Wang

This red ball gown wedding dress comes in a strapless bodice that followed by a tiered ruffled ball gown skirt.Pieces of tulle ruffles insert into the skirt making the whole dress even plump.So glorious!

So from Vera Wang's designer,I think red,ruffles,tiered layers are most trendy elements in this 2013 spring season.If you are also fond of her design,you can refer to this when choosing your wedding gown.