Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pictures of Brides in Ruffled Wedding Dresses

What is more convincing than learning wedding dress trends from real weddings?While by checking what brides mostly wear recently,I came to a conclusion that brides love RUFFLES!Those tiered pieces little darling really enhance a bridal dress and adding romantic touches.Let's see how breathtaking these styles are:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chic Wedding Dresses ENZOANI 2013 Collection

Soft fabric,clean cut line,delicate details...Enzoani knows how to create that chic and elegant feeling for brides.This season,designers prefer to encourage the brides to cut a figure in column,mermaid,asymmetric shape.Other elements like beaded straps,open back,illusion neck are popularly used to enhance the gowns.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Allure Wedding Dresses Fall 2013 Collection

Allure is remembered by its sculpt structure,curvy lines and sophisticated silhouette at the same time mixed with chic details like floral motifs, high necklines.It can always lead the up-and-coming bridal trends.In its 2013 fall collection,you can see many fresh elements that are very popular these days:illusion top,sparkling bodice,asymmetrical shape,lace long sleeves,etc.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bride Running Race in Estonia——Run,Dear Brides!

Who says the wedding dress can only be worn when someone get married?On the past Saturday in the Estonian town of Narva, whatever single or married women are getting together participating the annual brides running race wearing stunning wedding gowns.

You can see so many or laughing or struggling faces trying so hard to fight for their prize which on some extent proves how important the bridal gown is to a woman.And the race itself is truly funny and exciting which just gives you another chance to slip into your dream clothing.

To those brides-to-be who are now busy hunting for their beautiful yet affordable wedding dresses,I just want to say hold on and run for your masterpiece!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marchesa Inspired Evening Gowns

If you also find that chic elegance in Merchesa's evening dresses,here I would like to recommend several popular styles to get inspiration for your next designer-worthy event:

Elegant and simple,this evening gown makes a regal impression with stylish ruffles and sparkling crystals on bust.Empire waist body-hugging shape will bring lovely figure out.Similar style from JuesheGowns:

Item ID JSLD0172 from

Soft silk-like fabric gives this unique maxi gown a flowing shape.It features an asymmetric neckline with sparkling crystals shimmer along.Definitely a goddess's choice.Similar style from JuesheGowns:

Item ID JSLD0097 from

One shoulder neckline,cut-out detailing and figure-hugging column silhouette,this is a perfect choice for wedding,garden party or awards.Similar style from JuesheGowns:

Item ID JSLD0121 from

Pale pink is a hot color among young ladies and I always love exclusive details like sculpt design as the above one.You will make an alluring impression by its unique strapless silhouette and antiqued crystals curve along the empire waist.Similar style from JuesheGowns:

Item ID JSSD0018 from

How do you like this stunning gowns?Let me know your opinion below.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

GALIA LAHAV's 2014 Wedding Dresses Collection

The collection I would recommend today is Galia Lahav's 2013-2014 new style.Talented works should have unique features and can effortlessly make people remember,Galia Lahav's masterpiece is absolutely among them.I was very impressed by the superb wild and sexy feeling it brought to me when I first saw its pre-collection.I also love their photograph style,black and white tones,superb model,wild eyes and modeling which is more like a sumptuous party than a wedding cereomny.

Backless,sheer fabric,figure-hugging silhouettes, imperial ball gowns,red-carpet style are most featured elements of the newest collection.Frankly to say, Galia Lahav's collection is not for every woman,only confident and bold brides can cut a figure.But this can't stop its fans chasing after.Following are my favorite dresses from the latest collection:

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses 2013-2014

Although strapless or sleeveless neckline is very common among wedding dresses,here is another voice I frequently heard like"I'm tired of seeing cleavage""I have arms that I want to hide,but strapless dress just exposure them",etc.

Actually not all women can suit a strapless gown or have cleavage to show off unless you have a very slim figure with 'good arms' like Jennifer Anniston.Big chested girls look awful in them but are the only ones who can hold them up and small chested girls look good but will have the dress fall off halfway through the ceremony.Princess Margaret and Princess Grace both worn wedding dresses with sleeves!You may say that is old times,but you can't deny the fact that they both look superb elegant and modest.If you got that thought that long sleeve wedding gowns imply a conservative and old-fashioned attitude,now think again.

On the other hand,not because of any religious belief( like Philippines,sleeveless gowns are not allowed to be worn for a church wedding.) or parental nagging,but because a wedding is a certain type of event. It's not a nightclub, it's not a birthday. It's not the moment to show off how sexy you are. It's a moment to show what a classy woman I have become. One day my children and grandchildren will look at those pictures and I want them to be proud.