Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Make Sexy Prom Dresses More Modest

Girls nowadays are eager to show off their skins instead of inner elegance.There are many stunning and sexy prom dresses online or at local stores but only a few are for girls who prefer modest styles.You don't have to follow the trend or choose a similar dress as other girls' just to stay in the safe side,if you want to be modest,there are things you can do to make your prom dress more modest.

Modest Prom Dress Style JSLD0191 from JuesheGowns

Prom dresses with strapless neckline: Wearing a bolero shrug to go with a strapless dress can create a more modest feeling.In this way it will cover your shoulders and arms, an perhaps even your chest. If there aren't such a shrug that can go well with your strapless dress, you can also try to hunt for a blouse or a jacket that can be altered into a shrug by having it shortened. Maybe a matching shawl can also do its job.

Prom dresses with open back: backless elements are on trend these days not just for prom dresses but also wedding gowns which expose more challenges, but if you really love the backless dress,there is also a way to make it work.You can wear a figure-hugging stretch bottoming blouse inside while wear your backless dress over it.Then add some beads to the blouse to add final charming touches. An easier way is to leave your long hair loose at back.

Prom Dresses with High slit:You may think about sewing the slit of your prom dress to make it look modest,however this just make walking more difficult. Instead of sewing the slit closed you can add a piece of matching fabric into the slit to make the whole ensemble more natural and interesting. It will help more if the slit is at back,sewing the insert into such slit will make the dress even prettier like a train followed behind.The easiest way to appear modest for slit gown is to wear a skirt underneath your existing dress to cover up your legs and also add a bit of contrast which is really funny.

Prom Dresses with Plunging Neck:This style is extremely hot and sexy,however if you don't want too much skin to be revealed,you can add a piece of see-through tulle or organza fabric to cover up the exposed part.Such extra element is also very popular on stage.