Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wedding Dresses 2014 First Look

Couples who are going to tie their knot in 2014 should start to search for the wedding dresses from now.After watch some recent bridal runways,you will find that there are some interesting elements that frequently come up in past few seasons' bridal show.As a professional and chaser in this field,I can't help to sharing some of my own predictions for 2014 new styles.

1.Charming Back
Different from a plain back with whatever zipper or corset closure,designers together play an unspoken game of beautifying the back of the gown.Illusion transparent fabric with delicate lace appliques are used to cover the back.It is very considerable design for brides who are not that satisfied with their front curve especially bust and shoulders.In this way,people's eyes will naturally be transferred to your charming back.And with the semitransparent design,you could also be sexy but in an understated key as you wish.Also detailed embellishments,the covered buttons,which are used to be just a tiny supporting player near the zipper while this time they play a big role at middle back to add more artistic touches.

Item no JSWD0018 from

2.Floral Print 
You may think this can only be seen on the runway.However I always encourage brides to be unique on their big day.Choosing a nontraditional wedding gown with special features can easily make you stand out is a symbol for confidence and courage.If you love how it appear on the runway and feel it truly breathtaking,then why refuse to wearing it?Remember wedding is your runway!

3.Always Lace
For centuries,lace has been picked to make the wedding dresses.It could be romantic,modest,vintage and traditional.Now it is about to get a new pin in next season.

Feminine and chic,every girl should have one or two pleated skirts in her wardrobe.When come to wedding dress,designers are also interested in whirling and twirling the fabric into ruffles,flowers and tiers.Wedding Dresses with pleated detail can create a three-dimensional effect to enhance the whole ensemble.

Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Make Sexy Prom Dresses More Modest

Girls nowadays are eager to show off their skins instead of inner elegance.There are many stunning and sexy prom dresses online or at local stores but only a few are for girls who prefer modest styles.You don't have to follow the trend or choose a similar dress as other girls' just to stay in the safe side,if you want to be modest,there are things you can do to make your prom dress more modest.

Modest Prom Dress Style JSLD0191 from JuesheGowns

Prom dresses with strapless neckline: Wearing a bolero shrug to go with a strapless dress can create a more modest feeling.In this way it will cover your shoulders and arms, an perhaps even your chest. If there aren't such a shrug that can go well with your strapless dress, you can also try to hunt for a blouse or a jacket that can be altered into a shrug by having it shortened. Maybe a matching shawl can also do its job.

Prom dresses with open back: backless elements are on trend these days not just for prom dresses but also wedding gowns which expose more challenges, but if you really love the backless dress,there is also a way to make it work.You can wear a figure-hugging stretch bottoming blouse inside while wear your backless dress over it.Then add some beads to the blouse to add final charming touches. An easier way is to leave your long hair loose at back.

Prom Dresses with High slit:You may think about sewing the slit of your prom dress to make it look modest,however this just make walking more difficult. Instead of sewing the slit closed you can add a piece of matching fabric into the slit to make the whole ensemble more natural and interesting. It will help more if the slit is at back,sewing the insert into such slit will make the dress even prettier like a train followed behind.The easiest way to appear modest for slit gown is to wear a skirt underneath your existing dress to cover up your legs and also add a bit of contrast which is really funny.

Prom Dresses with Plunging Neck:This style is extremely hot and sexy,however if you don't want too much skin to be revealed,you can add a piece of see-through tulle or organza fabric to cover up the exposed part.Such extra element is also very popular on stage.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hot and Sexy Prom Dress Styles for Prom 2013

We love prom or party! Every girl wants to get boys' attention and draw the eyes at this big night. For this reason, they need a useful "weapon" - a perfect amazing prom dress! In order to choose a suitable dress that fits you well,you have to do plenty homework.This article shows you the top popular and traditional styles prom dresses 2013. Follow the fashion trend, you can not be wrong!

1, open back and deep V-neck dress

Item no JSLD0126 from

This style never goes out of fashion.You can find many open back style at big events, or an awards ceremony. Every beautiful girl wants to show their elegance and sexy back figure. And you know what to do with V-neck! with a backless prom dress, you can be the hottest girls at the show.

2, high-low dress

High-low is very popular trendy style in the last year, in 2013, it still goes! I recommend this style, very bright and hot and definitely help you steal the show! when the backless dress can show back figure, then high-low can totally run your long legs! it's Girls' new love! You should try!

3, ball gown prom dress

Item no JSLD0020 from

ball gown prom dress is a very classic style .It's a little vintage for a prom! like an old royal party wearing a princess ball gown dress, step slowly for her prince... a romantic tale.

4, High slit dress

Item no JSLD0128 from

Empire Line is a style queen. This year, designers love kingdom split element, it just lights up! Glamorous and and sexy.

Which one do you prefer? Start looking for your prom prepare now! Good Luck!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Dresses New Trend——Make Some Change of Your Back

Are you planning to tie the knot in the upcoming summer,maybe late 2013 or early 2014?Then you may gather fashion trend from now.If you watched the wedding shows or magazine of past 1-2 months,you may come with the same idea as me that designers are trying to focus more eyes when the models turn round!That is to make a change with the originally plain back.

That's true.Backless wedding dresses or bridal gowns with motif at back have been a new trend back on the stage.Today let's share some unique styles with attractive back:

Simple and delicate,the backless design with ruffles is very romantic and a bit flirty,matches well with the bottom ruffle skirt.

Subtle and chic design,the delicate motif at back really make a huge statement of this simple gown.You can image how ordinary this gown could be without this finishing touch.

The eye-catching floral motif on the illusion top grandly enhance the beauty of this slender gown,you can't help to taking a deep breath because it is just so stunning!

Got any inspiration for your own dress?Remember when complete this style,better to up-do your hair or whatever let people take a second look at your unique back!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hot Sold Ball Gown Wedding Dresses 2013——Chapter Satin

Before we have introduced some stunning ball gown wedding dresses made of tulle and organza,here I would like to recommend some hot sold satin gowns.Satin,with its smooth and a bit hard textile,is frequently used on wedding gowns.It can effortlessly radiate a bride's elegant side and uneasy to be wrinkled.Most traditional wedding dresses are made of such fabric,formal and a bit vintage.When come together with ball gown shape,

Style 1:Satin Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Detachable Straps

Item no JSWD0162 from

If simple,formal and classic is your style,you never want to miss this ball gown wedding dress.Detachable straps give you the extra option to create a different look.

Style 2:Modest Satin Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Lace Bodice
Wanna to be a modest bride?Choose straps!When embellish with lace,the original satin gown looks even delicate and classy.A piece of lace edge wedding veil can well complete this ball gown wedding dress.

Style 2:Traditional Satin Ball Gown Wedding Dress with Appliques and Embroidered Train

Item no JSWD0147 from

To enhance a satin wedding gown to be more luxury and graceful,there is no better elements than embroidery.This ball gown wedding dress is embellished with appliques along the empire waist and skirt and embroidery right on the chapel train.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Will Any of You Dare to Wear These Sexy Wedding Dresses?

Recently saw some really bold new style wedding gowns by Shimon Dahan & Yona Ben Shushan.You can find many sexy and futuristic elements like deep low cut neckline,open back,see-through fabrics,etc,It really asks the brides' confidence and courage to wear these styles for their big day.But there are also some other charming features that will make all of you love these dresses like the exquisite lace detail which is also my favorite part.OK let's check what exactly these two talented designers bring to us:

Sweetheart Mermaid Wedding Dress with See-through Bodice

Flirty Plunging Neckline Lace Bodice A-line Wedding Dress

Plunging Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress with Bishop Sleeves

Sexy Open Back Wedding Dress with Lace

Friday, April 12, 2013

Which Sweetheart Wedding Dress is Your Favorite?

Extremely feminine features,brides can effortlessly stay elegant and eye-catching in Sweetheart wedding dresses and this is also why such styles are chased after by countless brides and fashion designers..And it is a perfect option for those who are eager to show off their tanned skin and attractive collarbones,shoulders and arms.However regardless of its popularity,is sweetheart wedding dress really suitable for every bride?And you?

Regretful to say that it is actually not,here I would like to share some ideas on which kind of "sweetheart" is most appropriate in different conditions:

Style 1:Dipped Sweetheart Neckline——Perfect for brides with a small chest

Item no JSWD0005 from

Style 2:Low Cut Sweetheart Neckline——for busty women,small chest should definitely avoid this.

Pinned Image

Style 3:Halter Sweetheart Neckline——Busty women can fit it perfect

halter sweetheart neckline

Style 4:Sweetheart plus Straps——for brides with wide shoulders

Item no JSWD0006 from

Style 5:Queen Anna——for brides with wide shoulders

graceful Queen Anna neckline

Style 6:Illusion Top with Sweetheart Neckline——All body types

illusion top with sweetheart neckline

Style 7:Sweetheart with Pointed Radian——Perfect for busty women

Pointed sweetheart

So now tell me which one is your favorite and which is the most suitable one for you?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot Sold Ball Gown Wedding Dresses 2013- Chapter Organza

Last time,we talked about some best selling tulle ball gown wedding dresses,here we continue to share some beautiful styles in ball gown but comprised of luxury organza.Compared with tulle,organza looks more glossy  and touches more smooth.For its special textile, it is easier to create more ensemble while not that easy to be wrinkled as tulle.

Style 1:Strapless,Luxury Ruffled Skirt

Item no JSWD0164 from

This kind of organza ball gown wedding dress frequently show up on the runway these days.The luxury ruffles that over the skirt creates a visual full effects.Brides who want a romantic look should definitely choose this one.

Style 2:Strapless,Beaded Bodice

This style reminds me of the floor length tulle made ball gown wedding dress we talked about in last chapter.Very classic and easy to move.Also as finishing touches,there are always beads or sometimes lace appliques that embellish the bodice.

Style 3:V-neck,Beaded Sash

Item no JSWD0002 from

V-neck dress is not the most popular style in ball gown wedding dresses as it asks a bit for brides' upper bodice.Small chest should avoid such style.Anyway this style is no doubt very glamorous.When combine with a ball gown bottom,it is just the perfect!

After reading this chapter,any clue for your wedding dress selection?

Hot Sold Ball Gown Wedding Dresses 2013- Chapter Tulle

When comes to create a real princess look for a bride on her wedding day,ball gown wedding dress is no doubt the first style that occurs to mind. Fitted bodice plus full skirt,such style can easily builds a modest and elegant appearance.Today I would like to introduce several hot sold ball gown wedding dresses made of tulle for brides who are planning to tie their knot in 2013 or even 2014.

Style 1:Strapless,Floor Length,Few Embellishments

Item no JSWD0001 from

Such style is extremely simple,chic and easy to move and dance.Brides who want to showcase their accessories like necklace or want focus eyes to their flawless face,make up and hairstyle,this kind of ball gown wedding dress is the perfect choice.

Style 2:Strapless,Floor Length,Lace Appliqued Bodice

Classic princess ball gown silhouette with chic appliques,this ball gown wedding dress is fascinated by so many brides and always on-trend!Brides who want to wear a lace edge veil and show their charming shoulders,the above style is undoubtedly the one.

Style 3:With Straps,Brush Train,Appliqued Bodice

Item no JSWD0006 from

Dreamy and modest,lace embellished bodice with straps and come along with a graceful brush train.This ball gown wedding dress is perfect for brides with wide shoulders.

Now tell me which one is your favorite?Or you have any other ideas?Just leave your comments below!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Which White Evening Gown Worn By Taylor Swift is Your Favorite?

Taylor Swift,known as a country singer and her trademark red lip,frequently chose white color for red-carpets.Here I am gonna to showcase some of my favorite white evening gowns she worn.

When attending the 2012 ARIA Awards held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Taylor Swift chose a white evening gown from Elie Saab Spring 2013.

This sleeveless white evening gown with a banded bodice is a beautiful ethereal look, breathtaking!Maybe many of you think it was overdressed as most of the stars on this red carpet wearing mini dresses with futuristic prints,but anyway She looks absolutely stunning and I love that she is mixing it up with the makeup and taking some time away from the red lip.To enhance this look, she styled it with a chic updo and stunning jewels.

At the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards,Taylor Swift was easily the best dressed on the red carpet by wearing a white evening gown from J. Mendel.

I adore the dress, hair, styling and everything, but, am I the only one who think it fits her a little too big? In the model it looks more fitted. But like you all said, this is the best she has look in centuries. She looks amazing from top to toe. It very much reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence’s gorgeous gold Prabal Gurung gown, definitely the same cut and style, and it has the same effect, she wears it well.

This famous country singer looked super grown-up and sexy in this breathtaking white evening gown from Ralph Lauren.It features a sexy plunging neckline with cap sleeves followed by a flowing figure-hugging skirt.It might be a bit simple,but she looks so gorgeous and modest in this white evening gown.I think she’s looking more confident with a bit of attitude coming through which I haven’t noticed before.

At the 2013 Grammy Awards,the country singer chose a flowing chiffon gown and she looked sophisticated and sexy in this white evening gown with plugging V-neckline from J. Mendel Spring 2013.She makes the Greek goddess look modern and sophisticated, not clichéd. I adore the silver straps–they really add a special flair to the dress.

You maybe get tired of white on her,but I appreciate her attitude that is be yourself and wear your favorite.Do you agree?So today's question is Which of the white evening gown is your favorite?

See-through is Coming back to the Stage?Learn Trend from Celebrities

It seems like that See-through element is frequently seen in latest red-carpet.Let's have a glance:

On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ which was just taped in LA,fashion star Nicole Richie appeared as a guest in a sexy 70s-style jumpsuit from Emilio Pucci Fall 2013.

This sexy glam features a waist nipping cummerbund and see-through chiffon inserts both at the front and along the side of the legs.I guest she attempted to show off some major cleavage and a tattoo on her left hip.

To match this look,she also styled with a blue velvet Louboutins, a braid updo, oversized earrings and House of Harlow 1960 ‘Jude’ fringed clutch.

Nicole Richie In Emilio Pucci - Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Another celebrity that chose such style is our pretty country singer Taylor Swift!At 2013 Brit Awards,she wore a sleek black gown with see-through inserts on legs.

The gorgeous black sleeveless gown features a jewel neckline with sheer inserts on the shoulders as well as along the side of the skirt.As a finishing touch,there is gold belt accenting the waist

This time,this pretty girl didn't continue with her signature red lip colour, but go with a more neutral makeup with smoky eyes and a dark manicure.

Taylor Swift In Elie Saab - 2013 Brit Awards

Also at 2013 ACM Awards, Taylor Swift also chose such style.She took the stage for the MGM Grand Garden Arena wearing an Elizabeth and James ‘Roxy black cocktail dress which features mesh inserts at the sides and a wide open back for added interest.

Taylor Swift In Elizabeth and James - ACM Presents Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Affordable Champagne V-neck Column Stretch Evening Dress from JuesheGowns

If you're currently in searching for a formal evening dress that's long,simple and elegant to accentuate your charming curves,this is definitely the style to covet!

This gorgeous champagne gown from the perfect occasion dress online store is now on sale at only $239!Classic features that enhance its glamour includes the V-neck bodice with delicate ruching on bust and a chic crystal brooch in the middle.If that is not enough,the unique design of the back with criss-cross spaghetti straps will effortlessly help you turn heads.As a finishing touch,this gown is completed with a sweep length train.

Detailed description of this formal evening dress:

Neckline:V-neck with spaghetti straps
Fabric:Stretch Satin
Closure:Zipper Side
Length:Floor Length with Sweep Train
Occasion:Formal Event
Color:Champagne,Violet or Custom Made

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Which Black Evening Dresses is Better?

This black evening dress from Gucci is absolutely gorgeous.Elsa Pataky ever worn it to the Laureus World Sports Awards held in London.

In the original design,there is a floral metallic brooch on the shoulder like a finishing touch.While when on Elsa Pataky,she took it off just an one shoulder column dress with side slit,much simpler.It is still elegant but no eye-catching spot in this way.Probably she just wanted to match with Chris Hemsworth who also worn Gucci.

So which black evening dress is your favorite,the original one with flower on shoulder or the simpler one worn by Elsa Pataky?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Stun the Crowd in Red Prom Evening Dresses

Seasons change all the time,but graceful prom evening dresses go beyond it.It is spring again,need any evening wear for great splendid occasions or parties?Following are several popular red evening dresses made of top class material with exquisite details you may like:

Stunning Red Evening Dress from JuesheGowns

Attractive V-neckline,Asymmetrically ruched bodice embellished with dazzling crystals and body-hugging stretch satin skirt,radiate your glamor in this simple red evening gown!Wear this to your prom,evening party or other formal occasions and YOU are the limelight!

This sexy and flirty red evening dress is such a stunner that can easily make you stand out from the crowd.Great features that enhance its beauty include the strapless bodice that embellished with beaded motif,the draped waist to showcase your lovely figure as well as trendy side slit skirt followed by a sweep train.

Classic and charming,this red evening dress will help you steal the show by its outstanding features like the gleaming beaded straps,the plunging V-neckline and the slim fit satin skirt.Enjoy the glowing focus of the crowd in this masterpiece!

Wow,the luxurious bust of this red evening dress is my favorite part.Looks so special and eye-catching.Come along with a column skirt that will well hug your body.