Friday, May 31, 2013

Princess Wedding Gowns——Start Your Fairy Tale Story

Any girl hasn’t dreamed of wearing that dress that wow everyone at one second and being like a spoiled princess on her wedding day? It is really a big deal to find a dream wedding gown to make the bride stand out.Ready to be a real Snow White by take inspiration from the following beautiful princess styles:

This princess style wedding gown brings dreamy aura by its ivory silk organza material and tiered of raw edged detail. It also comes in a strapless sweetheart neckline.Silver metallic belt with crystal detail ornament the natural waist.(from Jlm Couture)

There is no better material that can effortlessly create that romantic ensemble than lace.Delicate and classy,this lace wedding gown comes in a tiered lacy edge skirt.The extra bubble sleeves bolero jacket adds modest touches.(from

This classic princess wedding dress features a beaded ruched bodice and a pick-up ball gown skirt.The drop waist design will elongate your length,perfect for brides with short upper bodice.

Ruffles just get increasingly popular.The above style is fascinated by so many brides.The most outstanding features that make it stand out is the tiered ruffled skirt.A piece of beaded belt finishes this charming princess wedding gown.

You never want to miss this alluring wedding gown comprised of delicate lace all over.A piece of beads accented sash ornament the empire waist.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Choose Backless Prom Dresses to Turn Heads

Unlike other prom styles,backless prom dress is such a style that can create two different feelings of front and back.When people are coming towards you,they may be attracted by your elegant front design,when they turn heads the charming open back will bring a shocked reaction at one second.I guess this is the reason why so many women love this type.Who wouldn't love being focused?

There are many types of backless prom dresses.There could be spaghetti straps cross-criss at back or very bold low cut open back.

If you choose a very revealing backless prom gown,make sure the dress fit you well in case any accidental exposure happens.It is better to wear an invisible bra to ensure a safer wearing.Also take time to care your skin especially the back months before your big night,thus you can confidently showcase your perfect side when that day comes.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Modest Wedding Gowns——Style to Be Elegant

Pleased to say that  nowadays there are still many brides would like to choose less revealing but more modest wedding gowns.Choosing a modest style doesn't mean you choose old-fashion.It is a symbol of personality.Like some brides prefer other styles like romantic or sexy,you want to be elegant.

Some people may think such modest wedding gowns will make the bride look too boxy without any shape.Actually it don't have to be all volumnious,it could also be slim-fitting or mermaid.

Moreover jewel ,boat,sweetheart,scoop are popular necklines on modest wedding dresses while also comes together with straps or sleeves.

And unique elements like romantic puffed or poet sleeves, delicate lace sleeves, dainty tulip or cap sleeves will bring more alluring feeling without showing too much skin.

To make a strapless gown modest,you can choose to wear a matching bolero jacket or an off shoulder shawl like the following:

2014 Wedding Gowns New Trends Part 2——Illusion Neck

This is a perfect design for brides who are not that fond of strapless gowns.Meanwhile such style can really make a fashion statement and bring vintage aura to a bride's wedding ceremony.Basically it has a strapless or sweetheart neckline inside while covered by a sheer fabric outside.The sheer part(which we call illusion neck) could come with various style like jewel neck,V-neck,one shoulder,etc made of lace,tulle or other see-through material.

Similar 2014 dresses from

Item no JSWD0057

Item no JSWD0188 

So do you like this new collection?Write down reviews if you have any suggestions or questions.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

2014 Wedding Gowns New Trends Part 1——Lace Off Shoulder

This element is collected from latest wedding fashion show.Designers like Marchesa,Monique Lhuillier,etc create many stunning styles based on this trendy and truly graceful design.

It is generally coming with a short or half length sleeves connected with the bodice.This style emphasizes the bride's neck,collarbones and shoulders.The lace on bodice is very delicate and alluring which really enhance the upper bodice.

Item no JSWD0189 from

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6 Unique Colored Wedding Gowns

When shopping for their wedding dresses,nowadays' brides aren't confined to typical white and long gowns anymore.An increasing number of brides-to-be would like to try something unusual to make that day even memorable.One of these are with color accents.
It is not her second or even third marriage but actually exactly the first.Pure white is still main trend,but it is also understandable when a bride choose a colored gown.For this life-time day,anything is allowed to happen.On the other hand,snow white is not the ideal color for every women especially with pale skin.So why not choose something untraditional but suit you the best?To offer some inspiration,here are some unique colored styles you may like:
Solid Color
Colors like red,blue and pink are mostly used.You can choose from senior prom dresses but keep it away from fancy.

Add a piece of colored sash

This is actually common in various wedding dresses.A piece of bow-tied sash really do its job of adding cute and unique touches.Generally brides prefer colors like black,pink,red,blue and grey.

Go for a Colored Hem

Dresses like the following one are frequently being been in wedding ceremonies.It looks quite elegant and vintage.To echo the hem,there is always a belt in the same color on bodice.

Try Dreamy Pastel Color

I personally like this collection.It is like brides are coming out from a fairy tale,so romantic and special.It maybe a little bit too prom,but who cares as long as you truly love it.

Colored Lace can Work

If you ask more for chic detailing,try a white gown with colored lace.Black and red are most used here.It can be on bodice creating a fashionable peplum or along the hem or on the tail.

Interesting Ombre

This is getting popular recently.The dip-dyed color will visually make you look slimmer and brings a dreamy feeling like you are in the paradise.

So will you choose a colored wedding dress if possible?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peplum Wedding Gowns——2014 Modern Collection

Peplum is a modern element mostly used on fashion runway or daily wear.While when comes to the wedding dresses,a peplum skirt can also play a big role in adding a dash of chic glamour to your wedding look.It can well define your natural waistline and enhance your curve of upper bodice.Designers like Angel Sanchez and Amsale are also fond of such stylish elements.Brides who are hunting for a modern and chic gown,here are a few stunning pieces you'll fall in love with:

I always appreciate how Angel Sanchez focus on details.This new style from his 2014 collection is one of my favorites.There is not just peplum,he use floral lace to add touches of romance.And it looks so charming and delicate.

 Peplum is Amsale's most favorite element.You can see so many styles like the above one in latest collection.Symmetrical or asymmetrical,tiered or with bubble hem,she created various stunning gowns offering more selection.

Other designers' styles:

Here are also two hot sold peplum wedding dress from

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Like this collection or not?What is your modern style like?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 Sexy Prom Dresses——Trick to Turn Heads

It is quite pleasing when someone say you look sexy.It also means you are glamorous and they can't help to turning heads.Prom just gives you the chance to receive compliments like that,following are some sexy features mostly used in prom gowns:

Open Back

This works for everyone as long as there is no obvious scar on your back.Girls who have a slender figure or have nothing at front to showcase,this is a wonderful option.By the way,backless prom gown also gives you a chance to show off the tatoo if you have one on your back.

Item no JSLD0063 from

Sheer Element

Dress like the following one is only for bold girls who feel confident about themselves and have that courage to bear the crowd's eyes.If you style it well,you can effortlessly make a jaw-dropping reaction once you enter the room.

JSLD0022 from

Plunging or Deep V-neck

Show a little bit of your cleavage if you are a busty figure.You can always see celebrities wear dresses with plunging or deep V-neck top on the red carpet and look really attractive.As a grown up women,why can't I?However never overdo it,sexy not flirty.


Generally it is right under your bust or on back.More understated than plunging bodice.Also perfect for busty women.

High Slit

This is an old topic we talked a lot since last year.This style is just fascinated by countless women as well as designers.It works better for tall girls as always.Petite women should avoid this.


Have a short figure but still want to show your legs?This is the perfect style for petite women.It is not just high in front low at back nowadays,extra interesting elements like ruffles and tiers have been added to enhance its beauty.And it is quite fun when dancing.

Cut out

Normally it is around waist that a piece of fabric is cut off the bodice while inserted with sheer material or just leave it blank.

Item no JSLD0092 from

So which one is your favorite?show back,legs,cleavage or waist?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wedding Dresses for Full Figured Women

Basically for brides with full breasts,belly and hips——full figure or plus size,the dress you are going to choose should meet any of the following demand:

1.Empire waist gown can do better in elongating your figure.

2.A-line or something loose is better at hiding the heavy bottom.

3.If a figure-hugging dress is your style,try something with shirred or ruched bodice that can make an shapely illusion.

4.Avoid thin and stretch fabric that is tightly next to your skin which will simply show your body with extra fat revealed.

5.A short dress can do its job.

6.Wear something with cap sleeves or illusion bolero jacket to wrap your thick shoulders.

7.V-neck or off shoulder gowns will visually make you look taller with their"Y" shape.

8.Dress too loudly will make it worse so keep it as simple as possible.

Here are several fabulous wedding dresses for full figured:

For more wedding dresses for full figured plus size women,here is this wedding dress factory