Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dress Up Your Girls On Big Day: Elegant Long Bridesmaid Dress Part 1

I have receipted many guest looking for dresses for their girls, they are so worry about if the dresses can't meet the girls's requirement! So they are keeping looking around in many shops to hunt for beautiful dresses! But in my own opinion, do you have any main idea about the gowns? Silhouette, colors, fabrics, etc! This is really important, or you would wast your time in shops!  To be honest, if you want to make the elegant and ethereal feeling, I suggest to choose long dresses to be better!

Strapless light orange:

Black one shoulder:

Light sky blue:


Watermelon red:

Several styles of long gowns for bridesmaid:


Customized design of the former gowns please contact me