Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tips You Never Know to Save Your Budget for Prom Dresses Shopping

Exciting prom season is here.Girls,have you found your ideal gown yet?Or you have found it but can't afford it?It is really sad when finding a perfect prom dress you really love but haven't had that much money to pay for it.Ask Mom for help?Really embarrassing for a grown up lady... OK,let's come straight to the point--is there any practical method to cut the cost but still get a really stunning gown we like?I recently get some inspiration of this topic:

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Tip 1.Get a simple prom dress that can easily been altered

You maybe confused that all the other girls are hunting for a shiny gown with luxury details why should I go for a plain style?Wait,you get me wrong.This is not the final dress you wear but only the "foundation".So why a simple style?how simple it should be? and what we can do with it?
Why simple:using the same fabric and being in similar shape,a simpler dress is much cheaper than a luxury gown with dazzling stones on bodice whatever in a unknown local store or a famous designer boutique.That's not hard to see.So this is for you to save your budget.
How simple:It could be very common,without too much beads,crystals,etc and with neat hem.
What to some shiny embellishments like beads,crystals,sequins and add them to the bust part by yourself.
2.Add a ribbon with flowers or brooch to accent your waist.
3.Dye the dress to a different color.This need some skill,but fabric like chiffon is easier to be dyed.
4.Draw some pattern on the skirt.You know there is a kind of pigment that is not for you to draw on papers but clothing?Yes,that's it.Buy some back and you can draw some abstract pattern on the dress.You must practice a bit before you actually do it on your dress.
5.Cut the hem to an asymmetrical shape like high-low or add a strap to alter it to an one shoulder style
You see I am not teach you to reap without any sowing,instead I am telling you to pay yourself to do the work which should be paid to be finished by others. Doing it by yourself is always funny and at the same time you can decide what the final ensemble should be.

Tip 2:Go for the expensive prom dress that can be reused

Buy an expensive style?Yes,that's true.But I am not asking you to buy an one-time used style but a prom dress that can be reused.For example,buy a gown with sheath bodice and attachable train.You can wear it for your prom this time while in the upcoming homecoming or parties,you can turn the style to a cocktail dress by take the train off.Or you can buy a relatively costly gown with luxury bodice but simple bottom,this way you can also do some changes like tip 1.

Tip 3:Buy your prom dresses from a wholesale site

It is not a secret that a wholesale site can offer much cheaper price for a similar style even designer gown.They can help you cut your cost from their side.Sometimes some wholesale sellers maybe not willing to sell only 1-2 items to individual buyers.You can choose to buy accessories together with the dress from one site.This may help you to convince them to cooperate with you and make things easier.

Found this helpful?Then no wait and begin your interesting prom dress shopping!By the way,if you are currently searching for a cheap prom dresses under 200 or gowns that can be second used,I would like to recommend this online to 50% off for all dresses now!