Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 Sexy Prom Dresses——Trick to Turn Heads

It is quite pleasing when someone say you look sexy.It also means you are glamorous and they can't help to turning heads.Prom just gives you the chance to receive compliments like that,following are some sexy features mostly used in prom gowns:

Open Back

This works for everyone as long as there is no obvious scar on your back.Girls who have a slender figure or have nothing at front to showcase,this is a wonderful option.By the way,backless prom gown also gives you a chance to show off the tatoo if you have one on your back.

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Sheer Element

Dress like the following one is only for bold girls who feel confident about themselves and have that courage to bear the crowd's eyes.If you style it well,you can effortlessly make a jaw-dropping reaction once you enter the room.

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Plunging or Deep V-neck

Show a little bit of your cleavage if you are a busty figure.You can always see celebrities wear dresses with plunging or deep V-neck top on the red carpet and look really attractive.As a grown up women,why can't I?However never overdo it,sexy not flirty.


Generally it is right under your bust or on back.More understated than plunging bodice.Also perfect for busty women.

High Slit

This is an old topic we talked a lot since last year.This style is just fascinated by countless women as well as designers.It works better for tall girls as always.Petite women should avoid this.


Have a short figure but still want to show your legs?This is the perfect style for petite women.It is not just high in front low at back nowadays,extra interesting elements like ruffles and tiers have been added to enhance its beauty.And it is quite fun when dancing.

Cut out

Normally it is around waist that a piece of fabric is cut off the bodice while inserted with sheer material or just leave it blank.

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So which one is your favorite?show back,legs,cleavage or waist?