Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Pick Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Girls?

You may have 4,6 bridesmaids or even more.And all of them have a different body shape,or slim or full or petite or tall.Of course you want them all to look completely stunning.Now the question is "is there any magic dress that can flatter everyone"?I am afraid not,for example you can't expect every figure can look good in a strapless gown.But instead you can choose a mismatched look to reveal every girl's advantage:

If she has a busty bodice,V-neck or one shoulder dress will offer more support with their slim construction.

If she has a boyish figure with small bust and hips,try a style with illusion top and flowing bottom which will create more curves to make her look fuller.

If she has a curves,that will be perfect.A simple strapless dress will do the job to enhance everything.

If she is petite,pick a tea-length dress with empire waistline to make her look taller and very pretty as well.