Wednesday, May 22, 2013

6 Unique Colored Wedding Gowns

When shopping for their wedding dresses,nowadays' brides aren't confined to typical white and long gowns anymore.An increasing number of brides-to-be would like to try something unusual to make that day even memorable.One of these are with color accents.
It is not her second or even third marriage but actually exactly the first.Pure white is still main trend,but it is also understandable when a bride choose a colored gown.For this life-time day,anything is allowed to happen.On the other hand,snow white is not the ideal color for every women especially with pale skin.So why not choose something untraditional but suit you the best?To offer some inspiration,here are some unique colored styles you may like:
Solid Color
Colors like red,blue and pink are mostly used.You can choose from senior prom dresses but keep it away from fancy.

Add a piece of colored sash

This is actually common in various wedding dresses.A piece of bow-tied sash really do its job of adding cute and unique touches.Generally brides prefer colors like black,pink,red,blue and grey.

Go for a Colored Hem

Dresses like the following one are frequently being been in wedding ceremonies.It looks quite elegant and vintage.To echo the hem,there is always a belt in the same color on bodice.

Try Dreamy Pastel Color

I personally like this collection.It is like brides are coming out from a fairy tale,so romantic and special.It maybe a little bit too prom,but who cares as long as you truly love it.

Colored Lace can Work

If you ask more for chic detailing,try a white gown with colored lace.Black and red are most used here.It can be on bodice creating a fashionable peplum or along the hem or on the tail.

Interesting Ombre

This is getting popular recently.The dip-dyed color will visually make you look slimmer and brings a dreamy feeling like you are in the paradise.

So will you choose a colored wedding dress if possible?

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